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This week’s spotlight is on our Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series Ultra-Low Freezers

BPA currently have over 50 lots available of brand new and unused Thermo Scientific Ultra-Low freezers, so let’s take a look through this series of TSX Series freezers that are designed to meet the highest protection and sustainability standards for ultra-low storage.

Why choose Thermo Scientific's TSX Series?

Thermo Scientific's TSX Series is the top choice when it comes to ultra-low freezers, and here's why. First and foremost, these freezers are built with the highest level of quality and reliability. With Thermo Scientific's decades of experience and expertise in laboratory equipment, you can trust that the TSX Series is engineered to last.

Another reason to choose the TSX Series is its advanced temperature control technology. These freezers are designed to minimize temperature fluctuations, ensuring consistent and precise temperature management. This is crucial for preserving the integrity and viability of your samples.

Lastly, the TSX Series is backed by positive feedback from countless satisfied customers. When you choose Thermo Scientific, you are choosing a brand that has a proven track record of delivering excellent performance and customer satisfaction.

Purchasing a TSX Series is a smart decision for any research laboratory, pharmaceutical company, or healthcare facility. Don't compromise on the quality and performance of your ultra-low freezer. Choose Thermo Scientific's TSX Series for unparalleled reliability and peace of mind.

In summary, investing in a quality ultra-low freezer like Thermo Scientific's TSX Series ensures sample integrity, and reduces the risk of equipment failure. Choose the TSX Series for unparalleled reliability and peace of mind.

Technical specifications of Thermo Scientific's TSX Series:

  • Best peak variation of energy-efficient ultra-low freezers: less than 5°C

  • Fastest door opening recovery on the market: 17 minutes

  • 0.85°C steady-state temperature: variation over time

  • Best overall temperature uniformity: < 5.2°C < 4.0°C with no door openings

  • Longest warm-up time: from -80°C to -50°C at 5.05 hours

  • Re-designed, user interface: with capacitive touch

Designed to keep samples safe

  • ·Low peak variation protects samples throughout the entire freezer cabinets

  • V-Drive technology with adaptive control is designed to detect high and low usage patterns, adjust compressor speeds, and reduce energy without compromising protection

  • Records temperature and events for the lifetime of the freezer

  • No expensive, free-piston engines to repair

  • Backed by our Global Service and Support Team

Designed to limit environmental impact and protect your budget

  • Reduce energy usage up to 70% by replacing an older ultra-low freezer with a new TSX2

  • Uses less than 8 kWh/day

  • Produces less environmental heat emissions and lowers HVAC costs

  • SNAP compliant, natural hydrocarbon refrigerants

  • SNAP compliant, environmentally- friendly, water-blown foam insulation

  • Manufactured in an award-winning,3 zero-waste to landfill facility

User-friendly design and lab footprint

  • All new freezer and user interface design

  • Quiet enough to reside directly in the laboratory. At just 45.5 dBA, the sound is comparable to a home refrigerator

  • Advanced security features

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