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The Bosch ALF 4080 meets all the prerequisites for modern ampoule production.


State-of-the-art, highly developed engineering and Bosch quality.


Dependable, economic and flexible with easy operator control.


  • In-process control system
  • Closing station for vials
  • Infeed and outfeed starwheel
  • Laminar Flow hood
  • Isolator version


With easy operator control due to the slim, tidy, clearly laid-out construction and easy cleaning. All functions can be controlled, operated and overseen from the front.

  • Clean Room compliance.
  • Drive and production segments are clearly separated: worktop right through.
  • Virtually tool-free size changeovers.
  • Integrated testing technique, e.g. for ampoule neck control (add-on device).
  • Laser sealing technique (add-on device).


Ampoules are transferred directly from the sterilizing tunnel to the ALF infeed belt.

Via a scroll conveyor and transfer wheel the ampoules reach the conveying system

by means of which they are conducted through the work stations: gasflushing, filling, sealing. Each filling point controls individually contactless scanning of the ampoule necks – "no ampoule – no filling". The ampoule necks are precentred by the draw-off grippers, the ampoule tips are then grasped and fed into a collection container. During the sealing procedure post-gasflushing can take place. The filled and sealed ampoules are pushed virtually load-free into the outfeed magazine.





Bosch Aseptic Filling and Closing Machines - Complete line

SKU: 10612
  • Bosch

  • ALF 4080

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