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High shear mixer for wet granulation from Glatt. Robust and reliable vertical granulator.

Requires relatively little space, is simple to operate and is easy to clean.


Total volume 800 liters 

Max working capacity 480 kg


Glatt cone mill included.


The VG series granulators allow mixing, kneading, and granulating processes in a single vessel. 


• Produce spherical particles denser than those granulated in a fluidized bed.

• Reduced cleaning time thanks to smooth surface of their vessel structure and a fewer number of assembly components and parts.

• Extremely fast and efficient mixing and granulation in a single machine at high production rates.

• Easy operation with a fewer parameter setting.

• Small footprint achieved by the compact body and limited space for their auxiliary equipment.

• Low cost of equipment including auxiliary equipment, and offer easy maintenance.

Glatt High Shear Mixer

SKU: 10610
  • Glatt

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