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IMA C-21 Tea Bag Packing Line equipped with cartoner unit and including IMA 3701 Over Wrapper, conveying system with accumulation table; videos available; IMA C-21 is a fully automated, compact unit that produces non-heatsealable, double-chamber bags with string, folded tag and aluminium staple. Reliable and efficient, the C21 is a highly automated, compact machine which can be completed with a host of optional units; Output: up to 180 strokes per minute - With naked bag and crimped outer envelope; up to 150 strokes per minute - with heat sealed outer envelope; Tea Bag Capacity: up to 4 gram; Filter bag maximum volume: 14.26 cubic centimetres; Power required - total installed power 6.0 kW; Compressed air (without outer envelope): a/ Exercise pressure: 6 bar – Consumption: 60 Nl/min.; b/ Compressed air inlet Ø 3/8 gas; Lubrification is provided with an automatic and centralized lubrication system; IMA 3701 Over Wrapper is Suitable for the single wrapping and bundling of rectangular products, flat positioned or turned on edge, on one layer or on several layer; Min / Max product sizes: L: 60mm to 225mm; W: 40mm to 125mm; H: 23mm to 90mm; output up to 150 pieces per minute;  


IMA C-21 machine net weight: 2,750 Kg 

IMA C-21 machine size: L: 2,600mm x W: 1900mm x H: 2,400mm 


Additional equipment: 


a/ IMA 3701 Over Wrapper: 

Size: L: 2,200mm x W: 1650mm x H: 1850mm; W/T: 700kg 


b/ Accumulation table:  

Size: L: 1500mm x W: 500mm x H: 1000mm; W/T: 80kg 


c/ Conveyor 1: 

L: 3,600mm x W: 300mm x H: 1000mm; W/T: 100kg; 


d/ Conveyor 2: 

Size: L: 6,500mm x W: 180mm x H: 1000mm; W/T: 150kg; 


e/ Conveyor 3:  

Size: L: 1600mm x W: 180mm x H: 1000mm; W/T: 80kg; 

IMA C-21 Tea Bag Packing Line with IMA 3701 Over Wrapper & Conveying System

SKU: 10628
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