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IMA Kilian Tablet Press; model: Synthesis 330 27-EU-B;  characteristics: low maintenance due to limited number of contact parts; easy set-up and core position control via camera system; no cross-contamination due to effective separation between processing and maintenance area.


Installed power: 8kW; Drive power: 4kW; Voltage: 400/50; Compressed air (standard): 6 Bar; No of punches: 27 EU-B (IPT-B); Die Type: BB; Die diameter: 24mm; Die height: 22.22mm; Max tablet DIA: 13mm; Max filling: 18mm; Max main pressure: 80; Min output: 26,000 TPM – Max output: 203,000 TPM; Machine size: L: 1650mm x W: 1500mm x H: 2,200mm; W/T: 2,700kg.


NOTES: suitable for B sized tablets; availability for format parts – to confirm, date for sale / decommissioning – the end of 2023..

IMA Kilian Tablet Press

SKU: 10696
  • IMA

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