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Checkweighers are mainly used as the last step in quality control. Products are weighed as they move through the checkweigher, before packing for shipping or rejection. They are installed on many food, industrial and pharmaceutical production lines for various quality control purposes. These systems are also used to assure compliance with label weight regulations and to minimize product give away. The DACS Series uses patented technology to catalyse this process by reducing error margins and increasing output at higher speeds.


Weighing range 3 to 300 gram, weighing speed maximum 330 WPM, weighing accuracy +/- 0.2g, minimum gradation 0.1g. Product dimensions: length 60mm to 310mm, width 30mm to 150mm, height 10mm to 130mm. Approximate 6’’ wide X 12’’ long load cell. (3) Rubberized belt sections, air reject. 3/60/120V, 2.5A.


Mounted on a stainless-steel frame.

Power AC 240V/50Hz

S/N: 552799

Ishida DACS-W-003-SB-PB-I Checkweigher

SKU: 10705
  • Ishida

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