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Masterfil Bottle Filling Line consisting of:

1/  Front of the line - “Zig-zac” shaped variable speed wide plastic slat infeed conveyor with guide rails; adjustable height; partially Perspex guarded; 

2/ Masterfil 6-head Filler, model TG250RC; Stainless Steel construction with 316L S/S product contact parts; bottom fill diving nozzles, gating system; double door Perspex front guarding; output between 40 and 80 bottles per minute depending of product type, bottle type / shape and fill range; separate control panel; Emergency Stop button; equipped with 6 x Alfa Laval SRU5 / 116 rotary lobe pumps – designed by Alfa Laval for sensitive handling of fragile process fluids within industries such as dairy, food, beverage, brewing, chemical, pharmaceutical, and home and personal care; max size of spherical solids: 22mm / 0.87 inch; Tri- lobe rotors: 15mm / 0.59 inch; Machine's Ser No: MCHSP03247; year: 2006; Power supply: 400V - Phase: 3Ph - 50 Hz;

3/ Masterfil 1-head Rotary Screw Capper, model FP; with Techna Rimtec capping heads and selection of star wheels for various bottle DIA incl.; output up to 40 bottles per minute depending on bottle size, type and cap type / DIA; Serial Number: M5059; year: 2009; Power supply: 415 VAC – Phase: 3PH+N – 50Hz; working pressure: 5.5 Bar;  comes with separate bottle hopper and elevator that goes at the back of the machine;

4/ Loma Systems CW3 In-Line Checkweigher with capacity of up to 12kg; 

5/ Single Sided Wrap labeller; equipped with Zebra ZE500 Bar Code / Series Printer and Cognex France Camera System; 

4/ Endoline Automatic Product Collator and Side-Feed Case Packer with Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 400 control unit; 

5/ Compal 4F-003 Robotic Pick & Place station for cases; Serial Number: 21505; year: 2015; power supply: 22kW - 400V – 50 Hz; 

6/ End of the line - Automatic packing and palletiser system;

7/ Weber Legi-Air 4050E Print & Apply labeller for cases for batch code, date of manufacture etc. Serial Number: 50001140; Power Supply – 230V – 50-60Hz; year: 2014; 

8/ 450 Litre Stainless Steel Kells Dispenser Tank; 316L Stainless Steel contact parts; designed pressure: +100/-20; year: 2007; 

8/ Interconnecting variable speed plastic slat conveyors with guide rails; 

Masterfil Bottle Filling Line

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