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The PA 500 Punch Polishing Machine is an automatic polisher designed specifically for dies and punches used in pharmaceutical machinery. This high-performance machine utilizes advanced technology to provide superior polishing results, ensuring the highest level of hygiene and quality in your pharmaceutical production. With its user-friendly interface and compact design, the PA 500 is easy to operate and maintain. It also features a durable construction and reliable performance, making it a long-lasting investment for your pharmaceutical business. You can trust the PA 500 to deliver consistent, high-quality polishing results every time.



  • 5 holders for punches, standard EU B (80 punches in total) 

  • frame and bottom covering made of stainless steel,  

  • upper covering made of makrolon,  

  • LED interior lamp, - main drive 1,5 kW, 

  • Siemens touch panel comfort 4,3",  

  • monitoring of process container position,  

  • including stainless steel mixing tool to mix the granulate 

  • Power supply: 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz  


PA 500 Punch Polishing Machine

SKU: 10588
  • PA500 Pharma 

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