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High performance for classification and sorting of liquids and powders.

This range of Russell vibrating separators is designed to offer solutions in line with the specific needs of each application. Whether you need to remove fine and/or oversize particles with classification sieves, or need to achieve different particle size fractions of product with the highest precision, Russell has the right solution for every need. Russell Finex uses only the best quality vibrating separators, ensuring increased screening efficiency and longer screen life.

Vibrating Separators:
Finex separators efficiently sort and separate materials with up to 4 screening bridges. These revolutionary vibrating separators are designed to classify or size dry or wet materials with the highest precision, separating them into up to five different fractions in a single operation. This device takes advantage of major technological advances in the separation industry that enable major improvements in sieving accuracy, capacity, noise levels and expansion over traditional spring-loaded separators.

Finex Separator Vibrating Sieve

SKU: 10609
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