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Blister Machine for ampoules, cartridge and vials Uhlmann UPS 1020

Weight of the machine: approx 3.000 Kg (depending on machine version). 

Electric supply: 380 V, 50 cycles from mains. 

Connected load: 13 kW. 

Average power consumption: 7 kW. 

Air pressure supply: NW 19 from supply system. 

Air pressure consumption: 20 Nm3/h. 

Supply pressure: 6…8 bar. 

Cooling supply inlet/outlet: Pipe thread 1/2”. 

Inlet temperature: 10…20°C 




Output: Max. 300 blisters/min. 

Strokes: min 15 strokes/min - max 60 strokes/min. 



Index length: 50….112 mm (infinitely variable). 

Punching area: max 110 mm in web travel direction x 180 mm in width. 

Foil width: max. 200 mm (station clearance) min 90 mm.

Uhlmann UPS 1020 Blister Machine

SKU: 10611
  • Uhlmann

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