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High output fully automatic capping machine with speed up to 50 CPM (Caps Per Minute); Container Height: Min – 25mm, Max – 300mm – depending on cap DIA and bottle size; Stainless Steel construction; separate control panel with Emergency Stop button; Bottles to be capped are fed to the capping position via the main conveyor that is fitted with an indexing gating system. The bottles are held by a clamp during the capping procedure to prevent the bottle from spinning; VA stands for automatic screw capping process; VP stands for Beverage & Food type ROPP Alu Caps threading heads with 4/ 6 rollers (to confirm with previous user current set up and what solution was used); Power: 415V - 3 Phase - 50hz; Air supply: 4-7 Bar;  

Universal Arol Capper

SKU: 10592
  • United Kingdom

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