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Vecoplan VAZ 100/80 U Shredder with scraper and control Cabinet with hammer defibrator shredder both processing 1 T/H. 

1x Essegi HPCF 600 with its control cabinet. 2 x transport screws. 1x Additive container (this is for adding boron to make the cellulose fireproof).

The bagger is new since it comes from the factory that manufactured it with a supporting certificate.

All the machines are now stored in 4 containers of 40 feet

All that's needed is a compressed air generator with a dehumidifier with at least 8 bars of pressure.


The seller can delegate two people to advise on the installation, for reimbursement of travel and expenses they will travel to any country and can also include the engineer who can reinstall the machines, again this will be at additional cost.


Please see following video by clicking here.

Vecoplan VAZ 100/80 U Shredder and Essegi Cellulose wadding production unit

SKU: 10699
  • Vecoplan

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