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Radiofrequency Skin and body contouring system 

By combining multiple technologies, the V20 & V30 multi-technology platforms enable you to offer multiple applications to your patients. Each technology is accessible via a different handpiece, and can be acquired separately, so you control your treatment menu. 

Viora’s V20 & V30 multi-technology platforms – part of the V-Series – provides treatment solutions for the most requested applications, including hair removal, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, acne clearance and more! With FDA and CE approvals, V20 & V30 give you total control and flexibility. And with the ability to access Viora’s specially-developed combination protocols, superior clinical efficacy and patient satisfaction is waiting for you. 

Viora’s proprietary technology is the driving force behind the V20 & V30. Accessible via different handpieces, you determine which technologies you need and when. And since each handpiece can be acquired separately, you control your treatment menu, along with the convenience of deciding when to easily upgrade to additional technologies. 

Viora Reaction Machine

SKU: 10713
  • Viora 

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